School Offer / Notification Date for S-AEIS

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School Offer / Notification Date for S-AEIS

Admission is not guaranteed, and is subject to the applicant’s performance in the test. If successful, placement will depend on available vacancies and the applicant’s declared residential area in Singapore.

Applicants who are successful in the S-AEIS centralised test would be offered a place in a suitable school for the current academic year, primarily based on available school vacancies and the applicant’s performance in the S-AEIS test. Where possible, the school offer will take into account applicants’ intended residential area. There will be no school choice and no release of test results under S-AEIS.

School transfer requests will not be entertained, as the school offer will take applicants’ performance and intended residential area into consideration. Therefore, please indicate your intended residential area carefully.

As the offer of a school place is dependent on the availability of vacancies and applicants’ test performance, admission is not guaranteed.

All the applicants, including those who are unsuccessful, will be able to view the outcomes of their school offer online on the following dates (tentative):

Level School Offer / Notification Date
Primary levels 10 Apr 2017
Secondary levels 24 Apr 2017

Successful S-AEIS applicants should prepare themselves in advance for a new school environment where English is the language of classroom instruction, and to familiarise themselves with the relevant curriculum for their level.

S-AEIS seeks to ensure that international students admitted to our mainstream schools are able to cope with the requirements of the Singapore curriculum. Applicants will need to be successful in S-AEIS to be eligible for school admission.

Unsuccessful applicants may re-apply to take the next AEIS or S-AEIS at the same or higher level, subject to them meeting the permissible age-ranges for the level. Alternatively, they may wish to consider education in other school systems.

MOE will not accept any appeal requests from unsuccessful applicants.

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Placed to Bendemeer Secondary School, Secondary 2 Express : “Thanks to the school and all the teachers. Ms Jennifer is a very good teacher, she helped me and my classmates a lot. She is the best teacher I’ve ever met. Mr Chai is a very nice teacher, he helped me a lot with my mathematics. Ms Geng Di is a good manager, she always asked my friends and me to study hard. Ms Huang, Ms Feng, Ms Li and principal also treat me nicely. Thanks to everybody in Birmingham for helping me to pass the AEIS Exam.”

Nguyen Minh KhangPreparatory course for Admission to Government School

Placed to Ping Yi Secondary School, Secondary 1 : “I am a student of Birmingham Academy. My name is Huang Hanyu. I am so proud to be a student of this school. The class is small so the teacher can pay attention to every student, and the principal is very kind and friendly. Both of my Maths and English teachers are earnest, they tried their best to help all of us pass the AEIS exam.”

Huang HanyuPreparatory course for Admission to Government School

Placed to Pasir Ris Secondary School, Secondary 2 Express: “My name is Sun Xiaoqing, I passed the AEIS examination with the help of Birmingham’s teachers. My English teacher helped me to improve my weakness so that I progressed a lot. My maths teacher taught me how to solve the questions easily and quickly. I appreciate their effort and I am very thankful to this school.”

Sun XiaoqingPreparatory course for Admission to Government School

Placed to Meridian Secondary School, Secondary 2 Express: “I’m Shi Kexin. I would like to thank my teachers and principal as I pass the exam in short time. I was so shocked when I heard that I can get into government school.  I love Birmingham Academy because they help me make a great progress.”

Shi KexinPreparatory course for Admission to Government School

Placed to North Spring Primary School, Primary 2: “I am Ke Mingzhe, I want to thank Birmingham Academy teachers to help me pass AEIS.”

Ke MingzhePreparatory course for Admission to Government School

Placed to Bendemeer Primary School, Primary 3: “My name is Rezzane. Thank you for helping me pass the AEIS examination and I am very happy I can go to Primary 3.”


Placed to Guangyang Secondary School, Secondary 2 Express: “I am writing to Birmingham to express my thanks for the help in learning English and speaking English. During these months in the school, I have learnt much and it is very helpful to me. I passed my s-AEIS examination.”

Long YufeiPreparatory course for Admission to Government School

Placed to East View Secondary School, Secondary 2 Express: “I’d like to take the opportunity to express my great appreciation for Birmingham’s timely help and assistance. I was so excited that I finally pass the s-AEIS examination. Every teachers and Principal, please accept my tanks, now and always.”

Shi GuonanPreparatory course for Admission to Government School

When I first came to Birmingham Academy, I do not have a great impression as the academy wasn’t very big. I was thinking of transferring school but decided to try for a week. It was amazing. The lecturers are very professional and experience. I learnt a lot from them. The student welfare was delighted and it makes me really at ease in a foreign country. What surprise me is that when I try to check the value of the Diploma awarded by Birmingham Academy by applying for a job, I was shortlisted for the job. I’m happy I got a proper and recognised academy to study. I will be more than willing to recommend an international student to study here.

Chal BauDiploma in Business Management